12 Common Facebook Page Mistakes

According to recent surveys, nearly three quarters of small businesses are doing social media marketing. In fact, they consider it as one of the most important tools in promoting their business and cost effective one as well. You’d think that people who understand the importance of Facebook would take measures to avoid committing some of the most obvious mistakes, but, alas, it is not so. Actually, as the number of Facebook users increases, so is the number of mistakes. It is as if people refuse to learn from other people’s mistakes. So, once again, here is the list of 12 common Facebook page mistakes you really need to avoid.

Mistake #1

Don’t over post. Nobody likes their wall swamped in irrelevant gibberish. In fact, it is the number one reason people get dropped from friends’ lists. If you have something valuable to share, by all means, do so, but don’t spam.

Mistake #2

Don’t waste your friends’ time with useless applications or games. For most people, these are nothing but waste of time and will get you unfriended in a blink of an eye.

Mistake #3

Always set a landing page. Your profile page is no different than 800 million other pages, you need to put something interesting on your landing page in order to captivate your visitors.

Mistake #4

Linking your Facebook and Twitter profiles. Don’t do it, ever. It increases the amount of litter exponentially and just irritates people.

Mistake #5

Interrupting a conversation with something completely irrelevant is a sure way of being hated. If people are discussing, lets say, current Middle East situation, there’s a zero chance somebody want to hear about your latest promotion at that moment.

Mistake #6

Don’t post your company info on every group’s wall you are a member. Imagine people who also share those groups having to read the same info over and over again.

Mistake #7

Don’t delete posts on your wall. If some of your customers have a complaint, address it. These things get around quickly and will ruin your reputation.

Mistake #8

Always set your image in your profile. People like to deal with other human beigns, not faceless corporations.

Mistake #9

Set the rules. If you want your community to follow certain set of rules, make sure you have made that known.

Mistake #10

When you receive a friendship request, don’t follow it immediately posting a promotion to your new friend’s wall. It’s rude and will make that person regret his action.

Mistake #11

Get involved with your community. Remember, your EdgeRank is determined mostly by the number if interactions, rather than number of fans. It is much better to have a community of 5000 active friends, than 15000 that are not involved.

Mistake #12

Don’t always be about sale. Try to make relationship with people before you start pushing your business agenda.

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